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 To bring online cruise resources into the future by offering our guests a chic, simple, and easy-to-use website that is a “one-stop-shop” for all things cruise industry.

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Cruise Ship Crayz began in 2012  as a small blog on Tumblr to share daily thoughts on the cruise industry and spread industry awareness through the eyes of an avid cruiser.


With no media influence, Cruise Ship Crayz began to provide cruise news and opinions internationally.


Creating an unbiased and uninfluenced opinion on the cruise industry is what allows the passion of Cruise Ship Crayz to emulate throughout every aspect of the website and social channels.


Cruise Ship Crayz has hit an astonishing seventy million views throughout all channels and is striving to become the number one source of information for current and future cruisers to help them understand and love this ever-changing industry. 


IN 2021 after the COVID -19 pandemic ravaged the cruise industry we decided to take a completely different approach to what we do. We officially pledged to never provide "reviews" or "critiques."  Cruise Ship Crayz shares information only and will never share an opinion or review of an experience. 


In the age of influencers, it might be hard to understand who is who. Cruise Ship Crayz is officially registered as a Travel Media CompanyWe work directly with companies to develop and create content to use in marketing campaigns to boost overall brand exposure and sales.  Additionally, Cruise Ship Crayz provides resources for all to use to understand the cruise industry better and to bridge the gap between cruiser and cruise line. 

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Joseph J. Sinapi Jr., M.B.A. 

My name is Joe Sinapi. I am a 29-year-old graduate student from Rhode Island. Currently, I am attending Johnson and Wales University studying for my Master's of Science in Finance. In August 2016 I received my MBA from Johnson and Wales University. One year prior I received an undergrad in Cruise Line Dynamics and Marketing, during which time I studied the science of the cruise industry. After professionally studying the cruise industry and having it as a passion I have developed unbiased knowledge about the cruise industry as a whole. 


I began cruising in 2000 at the age of 7. My first cruise was on board Voyager of the Seas during her inaugural season, at the time she was the largest and most innovative ship of all time. From the moment I walked onto that ship, I knew that the cruise industry would play a significant role in my life. 


Since then I have been on over 50 sailings, on multiple cruise lines, have professionally studied the cruise industry, and have held a position in the marketing sector of a major cruise line. To say the least, I know my way around a cruise ship.


Please use all of the contact tools to your advantage, every question goes directly to me and I either will have the answer or will find the answer to any questions regarding the industry. 

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**Not all assets used on this website are not owned by Cruise Ship Crayz. Cruise Ship Crayz is an informational website with the mission to help current and future cruisers with any questions they might have. Cruise Ship Crayz is NOT affiliated with any cruise line. 

Brenden Mills 

Cruise Ship Crayz Intern

Hello, my name is Brenden Mills. I am 18 years old and have a massive passion for the cruising industry. Being from the cruising capital of the world, I get the chance to see these floating superstructures cruise right out of the city. I also spend about two months a year visiting family in the Caribbean. These opportunities have allowed me to grow even closer to the cruising industry. One day I hope to be either a cruise director or bridge officer on these floating cities. After cruising onboard four different lines and ten different ships, I for sure have gained my sea legs. My favorite port of call would have to be Kotor, Montenegro, but Seattle, Washington, does not fall far behind. I know that I have loved the ocean ever since I was little and cruise ships since I was seven, so this goes to show that I love this industry a lot. One experience that I will never forget was the time I was personally invited to sit down and talk with both the Cruise Director and the Assistant Cruise Director for an interview. The moments that I experience at sea I cherish forever because there is just something special about being so connected to the environment. I urge anyone who has not cruised on one of these floating superstructures to book your stay on one. I can promise you that you won’t regret it. Safe travels, everyone!


Cruise Ship Crayz TM is dedicated to my grandmother, Carol Cianci. She is the woman who introduced me to the cruise industry by taking me on my first cruise in 2000. I was lucky enough to have her as my travel buddy for just about every cruise I took, and she enjoyed cruising just as much as I do. Additionally, she is one of the primary reasons Cruise Ship Crayz was officially registered as a company as of May 2017.

This is for you; I love you forever. 


Founder & CEO


Cruise Ship Crayz has teamed up with Detailed Destinations in North Providence, Rhode Island to bring you a personalized booking experience. Click below to start booking your next cruise experience! 

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